The Bobbleheads

Formed in 2003, the Bobbleheads, John Ashfield (guitar, vocals), Phil Bulan (drums, vocals), Eugene Koh (bass) have been delighting audiences with their songs of playful yet adult elementary-school infused pop. Their melodies will stick with you long after the song is over, but don't confuse catchy with kitschy. Their bottom line is held down by Phil's steady-on drumming and Eugene's rock-in-your-face bass. John's lyrics reveal they are happy music geeks, making the perfect 3-minute song and having fun along the way. According to The Bobbleheads, the world isn't such a bad place after all.
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John will autograph your vinyl ( or anything else) at the gig tonight!

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Rocking out before tonight's show at the SF eagle! Gyllene Tider - Dags ätt Tänka på Refrängen

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Gary got his copy!!!

Posts from: Chris Pama
Question: Do you sell Bobbleheads shirts in XXL? I went to your website and the biggest is XL. I need a cool looking weightlifting shirt. LOL! Hugs from Ohio! :-) Oh did I mention... YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

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"Make Yourself Happy"... the new LP by The Bobbleheads! Available now on vinyl (with free download card)! Get yours today! Get one for a friend! Buy it online! (also available on CD, or iTunes/Amazon)

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Rehearsal for Thursday at the eagle!!! Come on out and rock!!

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We are on a record! Cool!

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Ben rocking the drums!

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Fun band practice with fun people! Ben is rocking the pool noodle! Music can be so much fun with awesome people!

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Bombastic job last night at International Pop Overthrow music festival! xoxo The Clarences (Robert, Erin & Leslie)

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Heck, yeah. I'll sit on the dashboard!